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April 6th 2013

Ringin’ The Triangle

Damn it took some work. More work than we care to say. Work that was equal parts salt, sweat and smoke. But, when we finally propped open the gate for business, we were more than proud to say she was ours. Since then we’ve been cookin’ up a storm to stake our claim as the best BBQ joint this state’s ever seen. From whole hog to pork butt, naked wings to quartered chickens. You want fried okra? We got it. You want grandma’s rice and beans? We got that too. If BBQ’s what you want, Salt Lake, we just hope you can handle what we’re fixin’.

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  1. Terry Estep said: 16/11/13 | 7:39 pm

    I am from TeXas and have had BBQ in at least twenty different states. This place has them ALl beat by far. I would drive all the way up here just to have another. Great flavor, great service, Five stars all the way!! You guys rock.

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